Friday, August 29, 2014

The Exotic Grand Tour

As an American from a small rural town, I'm intrigued by British settings in historical romances, but my beloved Regency and Highland characters are often tempted by the lure of warmer, more exotic locales.  

Countries like Spain, Italy, Greece, Egypt, and Morocco beckoned members of the ton to come explore, thus allowing them to escape their often-dreary lives. From roughly mid-seventeenth century to mid-nineteenth century, young, upperclass men made this pilgrimage from their homeland to see the world. Artists and writers were inspired by these trips to create some of their most famous works. And some, including Lord Byron, were persuaded to abandon their citizenship altogether. Far before the Regency era, even the Crusaders traveled to the warmer climates of the Holy Land before returning to England and spicing up (no pun intended) the pages of Medieval romances with tales of their journey and battlefield prowess.

Myself, I gobble up mysteries set among the Pyramids of Egypt or the islands of Greece. Most of the romance novels I write take place in America or Great Britain, but I have one story set in Greece. Although it's a paranormal romance, MIDNIGHT CRAVINGS is rich in Greek legend, myth, and history. I'm pleased to announce that I'll be sharing the re-release of that short story very soon! I enjoyed writing the romantic journey of my sexy couple who discovered passion among the ruins of the wild, windswept Arcadia mountains.

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What are your favorite exotic locales? Did some place like Egypt, India, or Italy make your bucket list? 

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