Monday, December 09, 2013

More Old Photo Inspiration

Sometimes I run across the occasional hottie while researching for my historicals. 

This one is Anton Chekov, one of my husband's favorite writers. 
I just think he'd look at home in a western romance. 

And another favorite. I like this one because they're both wearing tartan trews. 
Bonus points awarded for plaid if they're Scottish men. ;-)

This is from a post originally published September 23, 2012. I just think this guy is worth reposting. 

Right now I'm really crushing on this guy. The 1800s clothes, the proud angle of his head, and that wild hair. Swoon!

I think I could manage to write something about him! This is a face that surely launched a few sighs in the salons. "Tea, wine, or me?"

I discovered him at:

Another great place for man candy of yesteryear is

I also collect crushes on the images of dead poets like rich people collect debt. Byron, Shelley, Keats. Le sigh. Poe, too--but for his romantic words, NOT the daguerreotypes of him. (Sorry, Edgar!)