Saturday, November 03, 2012

No Shave November

I thought hard about what my first post for November would be. I don't NaNo, because I'm cranking out every word I possibly can each day anyway. Of course, being thankful is on everyone's mind this time of year, so I thought of things I'm thankful for. Family, friends, my job, health, writing, men...

Then it hit me. No-shave November.

I'm not crazy about facial hair, but there are some instances that make me reconsider. So today's post is my homage to No-shave November...

It's time to expose those beards the guys have been growing all month. Bring the men out of the dungeon...

A little salt with your pepper? I enjoy seasoning myself.

If any man can pull off a beard with style, it's Firth!

And my personal favorite...

Just enough for a nice stubble-burn. 

What's your whisker preference?


  1. I like the heavy 5 o'clock shadow. Great post.

  2. Thanks, Lisa. Yeah, that's Taylor Kitsch. He's lovely, isn't he?

  3. Okay, well, as soon as I seen your post, I was intrigued because I am that woman who prefers facial hair. I mean, I like a man who looks like they can take care of me. Apparently, facial hair makes me think that, ha! I like that rough, rugged, manly look. I don't like a full grown St. Nick look, but that anything between a 5 o'clock shadow and that first pic you posted. I can handle that. In fact, that's very, very hot. Thanks for posting :) Oh, and I like Sean Connery's beards. That man, no matter how old, looks great. It's that beard and the gray hair. I have the biggest crush on that guy even though he's like 50 years older than me, ha!

  4. Oh yes! How could I forget Connery?!