Monday, May 14, 2012

Give us a Kiss! Six Sentence Sunday

For this week's Six Sunday, I wanted to post something from one of my favorite funny scenes in my time travel,  Wish for the Moon. At this moment, Carrie and Matthias are attending a feast held in their honor. All is going well until a visiting bard has the audacity to request that Carrie bestow a kiss to the man of her choice, as was their custom! 

Being thoroughly out of her element--a modern woman in Medieval Wales--she picks the only man in the room she knows, Matthias. Unfortunately, up until now Matthias has treated her with the same interest as something stuck on the sole of his shoe!

“My lady?” he prompted, his voice thick as molasses.
     Carrie abandoned hope of returning to her seat or fleeing the room. She wanted to make a good impression on the crowd for his homecoming. In her stomach, however, great Celtic knots were forming.
     She stood on her toes, leaning precariously over the dog on the floor like a ballerina, and braced her trembling hands lightly on his chest. Matthias bent over her, casting her in shadow as his lips lowered to hers.

Wish for the Moon is available now from The Wild Rose Press and Amazon.