Sunday, March 25, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday: Wish for the Moon

This is a Six Sentence Sunday snippet from my first historical romance, Wish for the Moon. It's the first book in my series, Circle of Destiny, set in Wales where a very contrary crop of ancient stones are rumored to stand. Legend has it, if a body ventures through the stones when the moon flowers are in bloom, one will be transported through time to one's whatever century he or she might be.

This scene is when the heroine first meets Matthias Thorne, a Medieval knight who'd been living in modern times for the past nine years in secrecy and guilty remorse.

     Before he could catch her staring, she jerked
her gaze upward. Hopefully he’d missed her lack
of manners. 
     His face betrayed nothing as he
settled into his chair behind the massive desk
and regarded her.
     Cool, collected, and reserved.
     Professor Thorne might dress like a buttoned
down snob, but the business clothes failed to
disguise the jagged nature just beneath the
polished veneer. He reminded her of a half-breed
wolf—tame in domestic captivity but ferocious