Sunday, November 08, 2009

Reviews are rolling in!!!

From NightOwlRomance reviewer Arianne:
"Sandra Jones has penned an intelligent and romantic tale set in the past. The characters are peppered with enough depth that they seem to flow off the page. Rediscover the joy of sweet, tender emotions in Wish for the Moon." Read more at

From LoveRomancePassion guest reviewer Susan Sigler:
"Wish for the Moon is a beautiful story with elements comparable to Sir Walter Scott’s Ivanhoe, complete with medieval knights and tournaments." read more at

From EditorJennifer reviewer Jennifer Feddersen:
"Wish for the Moon is a great example of time travel romance done right. Interesting characters, a solid plot and enough steamy sex scenes to pull you through to the end of the story.
I haven't come across a romance heroine with epilepsy before, but Jones never makes a victim out of her main character, Carrie Greer. Instead, she's a well-rounded, modern-day woman who takes her search for a cure into her own hands. An expert herbalist, she travels to England in search of an herb rumored to help bring epilepsy under control. There she meet Matthias Thorne, a history professor with a past...a long, long past." read more at

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