Friday, September 11, 2009

Countdown to release day: 1 week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've scheduled my very first book signing EVER for Saturday, October 24 at 1p.m. in the Searcy Hastings. I'm so stoked to be there because I worked at Hastings for years as the book manager. Some of my old friends still work in that store. But I'm also excited to bring my book there since (confession time!) I wrote so much of this story working there. Yes, I admit it. While stocking the shelves with new books, I was secretly brainstorming and plotting Wish for the Moon. In fact, I remember where I was standing--behind my desk--writing an intense scene for my hero-knight on the back of a Hastings napkin (am blushing)!

This book has gone full circle now, because the store just placed an order to stock WFTM on its shelves. Do you think I should give the company a cut of the royalties??? Hmm, maybe not. They're doing just fine, I guess. But hopefully my signing will produce a few sales for them. ;-)

And this time, I'll be the one who gets to sit down behind the table, being treated like royalty: "Okay, folks. Remember I like Earl Grey tea served with Splenda. Not too hot, not too cold. K, thanks!"

Yeah. Right.

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