Sunday, November 08, 2009

Reviews are rolling in!!!

From NightOwlRomance reviewer Arianne:
"Sandra Jones has penned an intelligent and romantic tale set in the past. The characters are peppered with enough depth that they seem to flow off the page. Rediscover the joy of sweet, tender emotions in Wish for the Moon." Read more at

From LoveRomancePassion guest reviewer Susan Sigler:
"Wish for the Moon is a beautiful story with elements comparable to Sir Walter Scott’s Ivanhoe, complete with medieval knights and tournaments." read more at

From EditorJennifer reviewer Jennifer Feddersen:
"Wish for the Moon is a great example of time travel romance done right. Interesting characters, a solid plot and enough steamy sex scenes to pull you through to the end of the story.
I haven't come across a romance heroine with epilepsy before, but Jones never makes a victim out of her main character, Carrie Greer. Instead, she's a well-rounded, modern-day woman who takes her search for a cure into her own hands. An expert herbalist, she travels to England in search of an herb rumored to help bring epilepsy under control. There she meet Matthias Thorne, a history professor with a past...a long, long past." read more at

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wow!! Thanks to my readers, Wish for the Moon has hit Amazon's top 25 Hot New Time Travel Releases!! I saw a lot of big names on that list, so this is quite the honor.

WFTM has been out for 6 days. I'll be posting reviews as they come in. Can't wait!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Blogging about heroes and Matthias in particular (swoon) on The Write Direction. I'm also giving away free copies of my book and a basket of lavender spa goodies this week. Plus, there's an excerpt from the book. Leave a comment on the blog for a chance to win.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Countdown to release day: 1 week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've scheduled my very first book signing EVER for Saturday, October 24 at 1p.m. in the Searcy Hastings. I'm so stoked to be there because I worked at Hastings for years as the book manager. Some of my old friends still work in that store. But I'm also excited to bring my book there since (confession time!) I wrote so much of this story working there. Yes, I admit it. While stocking the shelves with new books, I was secretly brainstorming and plotting Wish for the Moon. In fact, I remember where I was standing--behind my desk--writing an intense scene for my hero-knight on the back of a Hastings napkin (am blushing)!

This book has gone full circle now, because the store just placed an order to stock WFTM on its shelves. Do you think I should give the company a cut of the royalties??? Hmm, maybe not. They're doing just fine, I guess. But hopefully my signing will produce a few sales for them. ;-)

And this time, I'll be the one who gets to sit down behind the table, being treated like royalty: "Okay, folks. Remember I like Earl Grey tea served with Splenda. Not too hot, not too cold. K, thanks!"

Yeah. Right.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Less than three weeks away!!!!

Wish for the Moon is now available for pre-order on my publisher's website:

So very cool to see my cover along beside all those great Wild Rose Press books!


Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Off and on for about 20 years, my father and I have been amateur genealogists. We've traced every branch in our tree as far back as we could until we got stumped (no pun intended) and gave it a rest. My ancestry has driven me to choose some the locales I've used in my "Circle of Destiny" books because I longed to know more about my ancestors' homes.

I knew my maiden name was either Irish or Welsh. It's a variation of Brian, as in Brian Boru, High King of Ireland, and I'd always fantasized I was somehow related. Then I learned about the Welsh connection. One family researcher we ran across claimed our name was a corruption of Brionne and it was Welsh. That would explain our dark hair (though a few cousins have flaming red hair)and my penchant for castles. ;-)

Dad recently got a new version of Family Tree Maker software and whoa!! There he was...the father of the ancestor we'd been stuck on. Not only him but several more generations, taking the family across the ocean and yep, you guessed it, straight into Ireland AND Wales. We actually had ancestors who lived in castles. We had Welsh families with unpronounceable names and Irish grandfathers with the name Fitz(insert Daddy's first name here). But the Welsh branch gives me chill bumps when I think about the eerie coincidence: My family comes from the very same county as the hero from my first novel, Wish for the Moon.

This leads me to wonder about the other branches of my family. The Scots, English and German. Could they have equally romantic backgrounds and homes?

If you know your family history, what part do you find the most romantic? The most intriguing? Do you have anything in your tree that gives you the tingles?