Friday, June 27, 2008

Great news form my editor! Moonlight Madness will follow Wish for the Moon! I'm tentatively calling the series "Circle of Destiny." I'm so excited to see these stories going to print. I promise Matthias and Carrie will make an appearance in Moonlight Madness. What will they be up to? And what will they think of a wandering Englishman from the Jacobean Era on their property? Coming soon....

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I'm very pleased to announce that Wish for the Moon has found a home! The Wild Rose Press has requested my first book and they're interested in a second one! This story has been the book of my heart for so long. I was worried I might not find a home for it, because it's a little different. It's a time travel romance, but it takes place mostly in the past--Medieval Wales, to be exact. After receiving rejections, I'm so thrilled WFTM has finally been noticed.

Now it's juggling time! I have a full-length book to write for the contract. Plus, I have two short stories in the works for Wild Rose and a full-length YA nearly 3/4 done. Yikes!! There's no time for writer's block. Hooray!!